Gone Live

Ahhh, it has been a long time coming since starting my photography business last September, but I can finally say…


Check it out!


And to make this day, March 1st, 2013, even better, I received a text message asking if I am set up to do weddings.  The fact I was even considered for that challenge absolutely makes my day….week…perhaps even this month in terms of my business.  We’ll see what happens.

This entrepreneurial adventure has been nothing but awesome since day one.  In college, I wrote my senior honors paper on being an entrepreneur in a rural economy.  At that time, I had not yet put my focus into photography
– hah, no pun intended –
but now it  just gives me the warm fuzzies to actually be living this dream of having my own business – no matter how small it may be at this moment.

Thank you to my dear family, friends and clients for helping and supporting me to get up and on my feet.
And, thank you in advance to all of you I have yet to photograph.