I am was so excited to finally eat a meal at our dinner table with my hubby this noon.  That has not happened for nearly a week!

We are in the midst of a record early harvest season, but that still means long days and late night homecomings for our farmers.  But, never mind that right now.

One of the greatest things about living in Nebraska during the months of September through November is the scent of homemade runzas rolling out the ovens of many, many ovens.

They are easy to make.
They are easy to eat.
They are simply delicious.

There are many variations of the recipe, but here’s how I do it:

36 dozen frozen dinner rolls
5 lb. ground/browned pork or hamburger
2 cans cream of “whatever I have on hand” soup
1/2 head of chopped, fresh cabbage
1/2 chopped medium-sized onion
Salt & pepper
Butter (a few tablespoons will do)
*Optional: cheese, mushrooms, ketchup, etc.

Thaw the dinner roll dough, but don’t let it rise all the way.  Brown the burger and drain the grease.  Mix the soup, cabbage, onion, salt & pepper and any of the optionals you would like into the browned meat.  One at at time, flatten a dough ball into about 1/3″ thick, top with meat mixture, then cover with another flattened dough ball.  Pinch shut the dough balls and place on a grease cookie sheet or baking stone.  Bake at 375` for about 15 minutes or until the bread dough turns a nice, golden brown.  Rub a little butter on each.  Yield: 18 yummy runzas.

If you’ve never experienced on of these delectable little bundles, you need to head on over to Nebraska and get yourself one.

Just the other day, I whipped up my first batch to take to the guys in the field, and I popped the rest of them in the freezer for another day.
(Another wonderful aspect of the rolls.)

My Bible study friend, Sandy, made a scrumptious batch for our “crop” weekend at her house, which made for equally wonderful company.

Our neighbor, Sharon, makes some delicious Runzas using her special pan each year, and it sounds like they are all the rage with her family.

And, it just so happens my dear mother-in-law, Deb, bought a five pound cabbage earlier this summer to bake a big batch, freeze and be ready for this very season.

Mmmm, I can just imagine the smell of the warm, doughy goodness engulfing the kitchen.
Oh, and guess what we had for that special at-the-table dinner today?

RUNZA CASSEROLE!I made it using all the same ingredients listed above except I used refrigerated crescent rolls on the top and bottom instead of frozen dinner rolls.  I put it together in a small pan and half baked it the other day then I finished backing it while we were at church today.  MMMmmm.

*Sorry for the lack of pictures on this post.
I was in a hurry to feed myself, the baby and the guys in the field last week.
Maybe next time.  Maybe.

Happy Harvest/Runza Season!!