It is definitely cold outside today.  So cold, in fact, the ground is frozen solid, or hard.  And the truth is, crazy or not…
I decided to run laps in our backyard this afternoon.
For the record, we do have a big backyard.

I knew I had less than 30 minutes left before Shelby would wake from her nap, so I quickly threw on some layers, laced up my tennies and
switched on the baby monitor.

It has been soooo long since I have had the chance to run outside, and working out in doors just does not always do the trick for me.  I could probably count on two hands how many times I have gone running since birthing our little bundle….over seven months ago.

Ah, it felt so good to step out into the crisp, winter air.
Here is how it went…

Lap 1: Oh my gosh, this feels so good!! Why didn’t I think of this sooner!?

Lap 2: I bet I can do at least 20 laps before Shelby wakes up!

Lap 3: My nose is really starting to run.
I then attempted the first farmer’s blow of my life.  This resulted in frozen snot boogers on my pants. Oh my, that sounds even more glamorous when I read it.

Lap 4: Okay, maybe I will run four, walk one.  Yep, that’s the new plan.

Lap 5: Walking was definitely a super choice.  You get the most out of a workout when you alternate your pace, right?  (in this case jog, slow jog, walk, repeat…you get the picture)

Lap 6: I think I’m just going to walk this one out, too.

Lap 7: Never existed.

I was saved by a little wail I heard through the baby monitor.
Oh, thank you, Shelby!

I trudged up our back steps gripping my sides and beginning my post-run wheeze.
(I thought I had outgrown my sports-induced asthma, but really, I’ve just outgrown the sports in my life…the asthma still is with me.)
I ripped off the layers as I walked in our stifling house and was greeted by an over-saturated diaper, some serious nap hair and a smiling baby.

This was one of those new-mommy moments no one or no advice could ever prepare you for.  Yet, sometimes, a person can get so desperate for a heart-pumping workout that one will do just about anything to make it happen.  Even if I was afraid our neighbors might think I am crazy…sorry Kathy, Marilyn and Carolyn…I know you will understand.  :)

Now, where is my inhaler?