About me

I am a wife to a wonderful man, Ryan, and
mommy to a beautiful baby girl, Shelby.
I am an undeserving Christian.
And, I am filled with wonder in all things interesting.
Some of my favorites are: running, photography, cooking, baking, home decor, blogs that inspire me, reading/learning from the Bible, agriculture and, of course, spending time with family.

I was born and raised in small-town Nebraska with the opportunity to do so many things.  I attended Wayne State College, and studied marketing with a vision to end up in the city.  Well, God had a different plan for me.  I fell in love with a farmer, and now I am making my nest in a different, small Nebraska town.

I recently started my own photography business while balancing the challenges and wonderfulness of being a farmer’s wife and new mama.  Not quite a year after we married, I started writing this blog to fill my time while I waited for my husband to come home.  Now it has grown into the documentation of happenings in our life.  I also enjoy reading others’ blogs to help me feel connected to the outside world much like the stay-at-home Moms and other work-from-homers I faithfully read.
My hope is to inspire others to keep a heart full of wonder.


6 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Sally Kolar said:

    I look forward reading your blog! You are such an inspiration to me as well as others. I am so proud to call you my daughter, and foremost “best friend”. I wish you well in your “new journey”.

  2. Sally Hufstader said:

    I have two constant companions and my pup each day. I would like to propose that you are doing a great job enjoying the peace and making the most of your time while you have it. Love, Sally

  3. Thanks, Mama, that means the world to me. Love you!

  4. Sally Kolar said:

    Your peach pie looks scrumptious!! How about some some ice cream to top it off??

  5. This is a beautiful blog, Whitney! Can’t wait to read more :)

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